Karra concludes his tour of Rajouri district
jkupdate.com | 15-May-2018 02:03 PM
  • Karra concludes his tour of Rajouri district

RAJOURI: Tariq Hameed Karra was on  visit of Rajouri District  during which he paid obeissance at Shahdra Sharief Shrine and stayed there for three days. 

During his stay, Kàra met a large number of delegations from different areas of peerpanjal region including both the districts.  

On the last leg of his tour , the veteran politician interacted a group of Ulemas , intellectuals, youth and civil society representatives at Thannamandi and later talked to the media persons. 

On reaching Thannamandi , Karra was  welcomed by placing a traditional Pagri( headgear) on his head by Ulemas and intellectuals headed by Mufti ABDUL Rahim. 

During the interaction the  intellectuals , Ulemas and youth representatives showed their concern over the fast deteriorating  situation of the state. The speakers appreciated the bold and timely decision of the lease to quit the present anti people govt after the call of his conscience. 

The speakers also appreciated karra's mission of " QUEST FOR PEACE" in the trouble torn state. 

In his address , the vetran  leader said that he was  pained to see the people of the state in agony at the hands of those whom they had voted into power for comfort. 

The leader furthur said that he quit from the govt  when the sufferings of the people had grown unbearabme for him to work for restoration of peace in the state.

Karra asked the Ulemas and the intelligentsia to take the issue of peace on priority and work for it. 

Those who participated in the interaction include  Khurshid A. Bismil,  Muftii  ABDUL Rahim, Moulana Lal Din, Haji G.M.D.Arif, Naseer Ahmed Shawl, Ashok Sharma, ABDUL Aziz Shawl, Sajjad Tariq, Rukhsar Bhat, Bashir Ahmed, Master Shafi kamlak, Farooq Lone, Rafi Khan .

Later, the veteran leader replied to the questions of the media persons .

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