Five chinar trees damaged and dried up in famous Old place of Anantnag's Shairbagh
jkupdate.com | 28-Jul-2018 01:36 PM

ANANTNAG: Kashmir Valley is famous for its scenic beauty, tourist destinations, Hill stations but on the other side chinar tree is also play an important role in popularity of Valley which attracts the tourists to visit Kashmir not only in summers but in Autumn as well when shedding of Chinar tree leaves take place .But unfortunately most of chinar trees have been destroyed across Valley due to the negligence and greed or illegally cutoff by other governmental works.

The famous Garden in Anantnag Namely Shairbagh where number of chinar trees had rooted from decades to provide shade and fresh air to the people but unfortunately due to some renovation cum re construction in the last year at least five chinar trees have been damaged and dried up due to some kind of chemicals used during construction works in the garden by which hundreds of fishes in the spring of shairbagh had also been killed and lost their habitate due to the negligence of floriculture department.

Locals blame concerned department and said that it is very unfortunate chinar trees are being destroyed in our valley only because of developmental works in different areas. Chinar tree is one of the popularity of our valley and also known as soul of Kashmir, we have to come forward in every field to save these chinars at here we appeal concerned authorities not to destroy chinars as it is our charm in our valley. 

Shairbagh is one of a famous tourist destination in Anantnag district in which number of locals, outsiders are passing time there on Daily bases even patients fro. maternity hospital get refreshed there which is covered with chinar trees around the garden and as compared to last year most of chinar trees have been dried up due to the negligence of authorities.

The end of the summer in the Kashmir valley is the beginning of the glory of Chinar as crimson tinge appears on the green leaves of the tree that catches up with the entire foliage and, by the end of the month, the tree is at its magnificence best. Contrary to all other native plant species whose green leaves turn pale in autumn, become dry and, ultimately, wither, the five lobed Chinar leaves change many colours before they fall.

The deep green colour first turns slightly reddish, then crimson red before it finally turns yellow and falls from the branch only to be collected in heaps and transformed into charcoal for use in Kangris (fire pots with which Kashmiris fight the intense winter). It is a request for concerned floriculture departments of Valley please come forward to save these chinar trees in future as it is one of a part of our life.

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