Residents irked as bad Condition of Sumlar to Chuntimulla road in Bandipora
jkupdate.com | 16-Aug-2018 12:55 AM

BANDIPORA: Bad condition of road between Sumlar to Chuntimulla in north Kashmirs Bandipora has irked residents of the village as they alleged that authorities have failed to undertake any repair work on the only connecting link. 

The villagers said bad condition of road make it extremely tough for commuters to travel. “The authorities have failed to undertake any up-gradation on the road. Every day our two- three hours are wasted due to the deplorable condition of the road,”, an Ex Sarpanch said.

He alleged that local administration is overlooking the problems that people face on daily basis. “The authorities built the many roads of District but paid no attention to the roads of our area. This showed the non-serious approach of Government towards the connectivity of  area,” he said. The locals also said that every year Government spends crores of rupees under Pradhan Mantri Gharam Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) and Border Areas Development Program (BADP) but their area never gets any attention.

“Nothing is being done to maintain this important connecting link,” they said.

The residents of Chuntimulla said they approached authorities repeatedly to get the road repaired but their pleas have not been heard, so far. “The road stretch from Sumlar to Chuntimulla is in bad shape having potholes and dirt. The road is dug up at several places. No major repair work has been carried out on the road since past several years,” they said.

The locals said that the deplorable condition of the road also discourages the transporters to ply their vehicles on the road. “Many vehicles have refused to travel on this road which is hampering the movement of the people,” they said.

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