Chamber of Traders Federation Jammu organized Traders meet
jkupdate.com | 25-Sep-2018 11:14 PM
  • Chamber of Traders Federation Jammu, an affiliate of Confederation of All India Traders(CAIT) held a “Traders meet” at Amar Singh club here on Tuesday.

JAMMU: Chamber of Traders Federation Jammu, an affiliate of Confederation of All India Traders(CAIT) held a “Traders meet” at Amar Singh club here on Tuesday to discuss the impact of Changing Business environment post demonetization and GST implementation and how Modern Trade backed by FDI and wrong policies of Government is pushing the small trader and shopkeepers to the wall especially so in the landlocked trade dependent Jammu city.

Voicing concern over the ill effects of illegitimate practices like loss financing /selling goods on much lesser cost than the purchase price to unsettle small traders and shopkeepers by Deep Pocket capitalist backed entities like Walmart, Big bazaar easy day etc, Neeraj Anand, President Chamber of Traders Federation and National Vice President, CAIT concluded that the situation is worsening day by day forcing Jammu Youth to migrate.   

Addressing media after the Meet, Neeraj said,” it is regretted that retail Trade sector though is the second largest Employment provider  after Agriculture sector  still No priority is accorded to address the genuine issues of the trade” 

He questioned the need to virtually handover 42 lac Crore trade that accommodates over 7 crore small Indian traders  with a dependent population of 35 Crore to a “few selected” Foreign Big Entities like Walmart/Amazon Flipkart etc. 

Sharing details of the Activities at National Level, Neeraj Said, CAIT has listed a Charter of Demands including Trade Policy for Retail, Status of Tax collector for Traders with Pension benefits, immediate stoppage of Walmart Flipkart deal, withdrawal of permission of 100% FDI in retail, restricting  penalty amount to maximum ten thousand under FSSAI Act, Abolistion of Toll Tax on Goods in Jammu etc and the same shall be handed over to Prime Minister on 28 September seeking relief for Traders.

In Jammu also Copy of the same Charter of Demands would be handed over to Deputy Commissioners Office at 12 Noon, similarly each and every state  in India would Observe Bandh and Traders would hand over the Charter of Demands to respective Authorities drawing attention of the Government towards the plight of the Small Traders.      

The “traders Meet” was attended by a host of trade leaders from prominent associations representing various trades and it was decided to strengthen the Voice of Trade which hitherto is falling on seemingly deaf ears. 

Later Neeraj Anand recalled that in Sept last year Chamber of Traders Federation and Shri Amar Kshtriya Rajput Sabha J&K had demanded for declaration of Holiday on the eve of Birth anniversary of Late Maharaja Hari Singh Ji and Abolition of toll tax but it is regretted to inform you all that Govt. has not taken  both the issues seriously therefore  it seems that the Govt. has ignored both the popular demands of the public. 

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