Congress Leaders Arrested,Protest Demonstration near RBI against “Note Bandi”
jkupdate.com | 09-Nov-2018 08:29 PM
  • A strong protest demonetization was held by the Congress party near Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Office in Jammu today, on the 2nd anniversary of demonetization in the Country today.

JAMMU: A strong protest demonetization was held by the Congress party near Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Office in Jammu today, on the 2nd anniversary of demonetization in the Country today. Senior leaders along with over 300 activists taken into custody.

Led by AICC Secretary Sudhir Sharma along with Raman Bhalla, Mula Ram (former Ministers) & Vice Presidents PCC, Kanta Bhan, Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma, Co-treasurer Rajnish Sharma, General Secretaries Yogesh Sawhney, Manmohan Singh, DCC Presidents Vikram Malhotra, Hari Singh Chib, and other senior leaders of PCC, DCC Mahila Cogress, Seva Dal, Youth Congress, NSUI, Newly elected Corportaors/councilors and scores of other leaders and workers assembled at RBI Chowk near Railway Station and held a strong protest demonstration raising slogans against Modi Govt. for the ill advised step ruining the economy of the country. 

They raised slogans carrying placards denouncing the action of the Modi Govt. which has caused great loss to the economy of the country and ruined the small and tiny private sector and causing huge sufferings to the daily wage earners, who were deprived of job and bread and butter besides over hundred people lost their lives standing in quees outside banks to get their hard earned money.
After holding demonstration for around two hours, the senior leaders and activists were taken into preventive custody by police and taken to DPL Gandhinagar, along with over 300 party activists comprising leaders of PCC, Districts, Blocks, Corporators and Frontal Organizations
            Earlier addressing the demonstrators the AICC Secretary Sudhir Sharma described the adverse affects of the demonetization and said that three main objectives announced by Prime Minister Modi including terror & naxal funding, Black money and fake Currency, nothing was achieved as over 99 % of the demonetized money has returned to banks, as per RBI. Out of 15.44 lac crores, demonetized, an amount of 15.31 lac crores returned to the banks, so where is black money, sought to be eliminated by Modi Ji.
         Former Minister Raman Bhalla in his address questioned the dictatorial  action of Modi Government whereby the poor and common man of this country underwent huge loss and great sufferings. The daily wage earner, small and medium business man are still facing great hardships due to demonetization. Modi government’s step has ruined the poor and common man and economy of the country suffered a great set back. He questioned who were benefitted out of this action, as black money has become white, at the cost of poor and middle class, who suffered for nothing. He lashed out at the economic policies of Modi Government where by the poor of this country is facing difficult for bread and butter, as the unprecedented price hike of all commodities of daily need. The prices of petrol and diesel are touching record high, when price of crude oil in International market is nearly half of the time of UPA government
Former Minister Mula Ram also raised questions over the demonetization and said that this action has benefitted the rich and capitalist while the poor and honest citizen suffered. He said that even after two years the nation could not recover for its adverse affect and the government is pressuring RBI to part with more than three lac crores of its reserve.
Prominent leaders who were arrested and later released include Sudhir Sharma, Raman Bhalla, Mula Ram, Ravinder Sharma, Kanta Bhan, Rajnish Sharma, Yogesh Sawhney, Manmohan Singh, Vikram Malhotra, Hari Singh Chib, Y.V. Sharma, Indu Pawar- Ex-MLA (President Mahila Congress), Rajesh Sadotra (Seva Dal Chief), Raqeeq Khan (NSUI), Former Minister Ch. Gharu Ram, Prof Gharu Ram Bhagat (EX-MLA), Gurdarshan Singh, Krishan Lal Gupta, Nadeem Shrief Naiz, Sanjeev Sharma, Suresh Dogra, Gourav Chopra, Vandana Sharma, Suman Choudhary, Prabha Slathia,  Narinder Gupta, Amrit Bali, Dwarka Choudhary, Kamal Singh, Vijay Sharma, H.S. Mehta, Mohan Choudhary, Ritu Choudhary, Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Bhanu Mahajan, Satish Sharma, Sahil Sharma, Newly elected corporators, DCC Leaders, Block Presidents and many more other.

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