Religious tolerance integral part of Indian culture, must be retained: Army Chief Bipin Rawat
jkupdate.com | 10-Nov-2018 11:07 PM
  • General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Army Staff at a function to distribute the Sat Paul Mittal National Awards (2018) of Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust in Ludhiana on Saturday.(Picture Courtesy:Indian Express)

LUDHIANA: Religious tolerance is an integral part of Indian culture and it must be retained and preserved, said Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat during his address at a programme in Ludhiana Saturday.

Addressing an audience that largely consisted of students at Sat Paul Mittal School, Rawat said that the citizens must not forget that India has a rich cultural heritage of its own and it should be retained at every cost.

“Our nation is on the move. We are growing and rising. We have a very strong cultural heritage and legacy which we must honor. But gradually Westernization is taking over. We must not forget that we have a culture of our own which is rich. It must be retained. Humanity, religious tolerance, compassion, care- all these are a part of our rich Indian culture. Religious tolerance must be retained and preserved,” said Rawat, while presiding over a programme where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Indian Army and Nehru Sidhant Kendra Trust which will be providing scholarships to at least 100 children of deceased soldiers every year.

“Our country is facing several challenges but all these can be overcome if we are together. Anya jaati, bhaasha aur dharam ke log hain iss desh mein.. par yahi Bharat Varsh hai.. (There are people from different castes, religions and languages in this country but we are one nation and that is what India is about),” said Rawat.

He also said that Indian youths should consider joining the Indian Army and help armed forces in protecting their country. “Doors of Indian army are always open for children of this country but then no decision should be forced. One should explore and identify their capabilities. Maybe you can be a good painter, sportsperson..just appreciate what you are good at. The aim should not be just a government job and survival thereafter….” said Rawat to children.(Courtesy:Indian Express)

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