Chinese Consulate attack in Karachi:Two cops, three terrorists dead
jkupdate.com | 23-Nov-2018 02:00 PM
  • Paramilitary forces and police are seen during an attack on the Chinese embassy, where blasts and shots are heard, in Karachi, Pakistan.

NEW DELHI:The Balochistan Liberation Army, a Pakistani insurgent group, attacked the Chinese Consulate in Karachi on Friday, killing two policemen and injuring one security guard. The three suicide bombers, who had attempted to storm the building, were gunned down by security forces.

Jiand Baloch, a member of the BLA, said the reason for the attack was due to China exploiting Pakistan’s resources. In a statement, Baloch said, “There were three suicide attackers of the Balochistan Liberation Army, which also describes itself as the Baloch Liberation Army. They stormed the Chinese embassy in Karachi. China is exploiting our resources.”

Karachi police chief Amir Shaikh said the terrorists had tried to infiltrate the building but “they could not even get in the compound”. He added that they had tried to enter the visa section.

The Pakistani foreign minister has confirmed that the 21 staff inside the Chinese Consulate in Karachi are safe.

Police chief Amir Shaikh has confirmed: "There were three attackers and all three have been killed ... They could not even get in the compound. They tried to get into the visa section." 

According to Pakistan's Geo News, the three terrorists have been killed by security forces.

The Chinese Consulate, located in the Clifton area in Karachi, has been attacked by members of the Balochistan Liberation Army. According to Reuters, three suicide bombers stormed the building this morning. At least two policemen were killed in the attack and a security guard was wounded.(Courtesy:Indian Express) 

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