Romeo Force visions in vision less persons
jkupdate.com | 05-Dec-2018 04:54 PM
  • Maj Gen P S Bajwa, GOC Counter Insurgency Force Romeo interacted with persons who underwent cataract surgery.

-M S Nazki
It is very true, that the value of vision or sight knows only the sight able persons, but it is more painful to know when a blind person tells the value of eyes. The Romeo Force feels and knows all the values of eyes and those who have lost their eye sight. And in this context, the Romeo Force lives remain up in touch of people and have often been launched various humanity welfare in the region of Pir Panjal Region Of Poonch Rajouri.

Recently, the Romeo Force launched a camp of cataract surgery for under privileged people from all over the remote areas and villages of Surankote in Poonch district was conducted smoothly been Rashtriya Rifles Battalion under the aegis of Counter Insurgency Force Romeo (CIF) And this humanity act was done through the people who selected for cataract surgery were from all the remote areas and villages and those who were not in a position to access the treatment due to various socio economic and several other issues, like non availability of infrastructure and staff at health centres, in the described region affordability, distance, poor health literacy, non-availability of transport and various other factors. 

Understanding these all of problems and the need of citizens, The Romeo Unit provided all the assistance for treatment by conducting awareness programmes and comps in far remote and far flung areas, like  medical tests and surgery by incorporating government hospital at Jammu. Total of 60 patients underwent and got successful cataract surgery. 

In a programme conducted at Surankote, the official,  Maj Gen P S Bajwa, GOC Counter Insurgency Force Romeo interacted with persons who underwent cataract surgery and distributed medical kits and assured them of necessary medical assistance in future also. Then he urged the citizens and lookers to join hands and help the army in its campaign of making area cataract free by spreading the message to the needy and underpreveliged. 

The continuous and relentless efforts by army to render helping hand to the needy was greatly appreciated and lauded by public. The Romeo Force is largely going appreciation by all the humanity, especially for mean to serve the humanity welfare.

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