Taapsee Pannu On Recent Interview Highlighting ONLY Her Love Life: “Everything Ends Up Becoming Abou

Taapsee Pannu has always been an open book. Whether it’s her opinion on anything, approaching filmmakers for work or her personal life – the actress has never hidden anything. However, things got a little disappointing when her love life was highlighted way more than it should have been. The actress has now opened up about the same.

In an exclusive conversation with Koimoi, Taapsee Pannu spoke about what she was expecting vs what went wrong. “I’ve had a really nice time interacting with the media most of the time. There have been really few exceptional cases that have not been pleasant. I’ve always been a person who doesn’t like to mix their professional and personal life. When this whole interaction happened… see, it’s sad that whenever an actor, especially a female actor is interviewed – you’re asked about your personal life, your better half and when are you getting married. I honestly don’t have anything to hide.”

“People who work with me, know about it. I get upset when in the entire 30-40 mins conversation, that 1 minute of conversation about your marriage or your better half overrides everything else that you talk about. That’s just so unfair to a person who has so much else to talk about. Especially when my interview was with respect to some other person in my family, I would have liked it to restrict to that. That becomes a little sad that everything ends up becoming about sensationalism,” Taapsee Pannu continued. Agencies